The SYNC Initiative

SYNC is an initiative designed to encourage the people of Christ Church to synchronize their lives with Christian Discipleship.

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Worship happens when our hearts and God’s heart become one. Worship is about making a real time connection with God! Worship takes effort on the part of a worshipper. Worship is intimate. Worship happens in community. Sync your life to worship this year and make a priority of

1) Being present for worship services each weekend
2) Truly connecting with God once you get here. It will change everything!

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  • Loving God

    At Christ Church, we exist to connect people to Jesus Christ. Connecting people to Jesus is about helping individuals to become disciples, connecting them in a deeper relationship with our God. In Matthew 28, we are commanded to GO and make disciples of all nations. At Christ Church we take that command seriously by offering biblical teaching from the pulpit, in the children and youth rooms, and in the adult classes. Loving God is about studying His word, learning His ways and loving His people. Sync your life by increasing your discipleship.

    Join an ongoing Connection Class, join a short term Bible Study or get involved in a small group.

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  • Loving Neighbor

    Our God has richly blessed each one of us with a unique set of spiritual gifts and talents to be used for His glory! By His grace, we are free to choose how we will use those gifts, and whether we will allow God to use us to impact this world for His purpose. Find a ministry area that speaks to your heart as well as your unique gifts and talents. Click the link below to find ministry opportunities, and ask God to show you where to serve as you prayerfully consider your commitment for the coming year. Contact the individuals listed with any questions you may have about a particular ministry. If you need help discovering your spiritual gifts, or choosing an area to serve, contact

    Join an ongoing outreach ministry, participate in a mission trip or participate in a one time outreach event.

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  • Tithe

    Giving is one of the fundamental ways in which we demonstrate our love and gratitude to God. SYNC is your opportunity as a family to commit to how you will give financially to the church. When you give, you support the mission of Christ Church to connect people to Jesus Christ down the hall, around the corner and around the world.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

    What is the difference between a tithe and an offering?
    A tithe is the first tenth of your income that you return to God, which enables him to move on our behalf in the area of blessings. An offering is any gift above and beyond the amount of the tithe.

    What if I want to make a commitment to give, but I’m not sure what my income will be or my circumstances change?
    Ultimately, your pledge is between you and the Lord and He knows what the future holds for you and your family. Pray and ask God to help you make the best estimate of what to give by faith, and then trust Him to provide your needs. If your financial circumstances change unexpectedly, God will certainly be aware of the change and will understand what you are able to give.

    What are my options for giving?
    There are several options for giving. You may:
  • Place an envelope with cash or check into the collection bag during worship services
  • Use your debit card at the kiosk located in Scripture Hall
  • Give online by clicking this link or click on ‘Online Giving’ at the top of the page.
  • Schedule an electronic funds transfer directly from your financial institution.

  • Can I schedule my gift electronically?
    Yes! Click this link to download the GIVE Program enrollment form, or contact the church office at 618-277-4659.

    Will I receive a contribution statement?
    Yes, as long as you do not give anonymously, statements will be mailed to you each quarter.

    Who do I contact if I have a question about giving?
    Questions about giving may be directed to
    Samantha Allard, Financial Administrator or
    Mickey Buehler, Accounts Payable Clerk

    Find out how close you are to a tithe

    Start by finding your approximate annual income on the left side of the page. Slide over until you reach your approximate monthly gift, then slide up to see your current percentage of giving. How might God be calling you to move your monthly giving closer to 10% or even beyond?